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Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark

Sheridan Data Widgets 3.11 22l

The combination of these results indicates that the ability of platelets to concentrate platelet fibrinogen and the fibrin polymer around platelets at focal sites is important for differentiating the procoagulant activity of a cell during clots formation in tissue. In support of this, we found increased platelet-fibrinogen binding in clots produced by platelets, compared to clots produced by other cells ( Figure 7 A,B). We also quantified platelet-fibrinogen binding on different cells; platelet-fibrinogen binding on platelets ( was significantly higher (t-test, p

Sheridan Data Widgets 3.11 22l

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The analysis of the dataset typically starts with the identification of genes (and thus categories) that are the best associated to a specific property. We support this through a direct and intuitive interface to AmiGO2 [ 6 ] (Additional file 5: Fig. S2) and Transfactomic data correlation to gene identifiers (Additional file 6: Fig. S3). Data produced by transfactoromics are key pieces of information in an enrichment analysis and we present a range of functions for data manipulation (Additional file 7: Fig. S4 and Additional file 8 : Fig. S5). In order to prioritize the data across multiple experiments, we offer a range of functions to calculate the median, least average, top and bottom lines for an entire plot or for a given geneset (Additional file 9 : Fig. S6). Finally, we allow the visualization of Transfactoromic data directly (via a projector) as a XGRN file that can be read into heatmaps, graphs or directly imported into Cytoscape for visualization.


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