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What We Do

We’re all about individuals helping out other individuals and having fun while they’re at it. We match up your skills, location, interests and schedule with the needs of others around you.  By giving you suggessted service opportunities we make it easy for you to say “You know whay, I can help you out with that, let’s do it!”

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What We Do

You’re in a competition... we’ve got to have proof! Each service has you take a snapshot and share it, the person your helping will approve for the win AND you’ll inspire others.

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Lead the boards

Believe it or not, being challenged by others can be a great thing, we also want to make it fun. We give you a real time update to see who’s spreading the most good!

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Challenge Friends

Maybe it’s you vs a friend, co-workers, a club, or youth group. Whatever the case, fire up a new challenge, attach a prize for the victor, and see who’s got what it takes to take it all!

Serving & Connecting

In all seriousness, service and deep heartfelt connection are two of the most important, and unfortunately, often lost arts of humanity. With so much divisiveness and contention in today’s world we believe we can do better, we know we can. Be a part of the solution and help us find the tipping point of a global service pandemic. Help us strengthen and unify hearts... and have some fun while you’re at it.

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