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Making Service Fun & Simple

Our goal is to reconnect, strengthen and unify hearts, to bring focus back to what matters— where true lasting fulfillment lies. Help us find the tipping point of a global service pandemic!

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This app changed my relationship with my neighbors! It allowed me to get help in areas I needed, reconnect and even find some things I could do to help...

William F  |  Portland, OR

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Find your friends, neighbors, family... all those in need of your skills and reach out! It’s time to make a difference and that starts with true, lasting, human connection. Servidemic makes it easy to connect, help with another’s needs and watch your impact spread!


Service is a great way to strengthen relationships,  grow hearts, and spread your goodness. In fact, acts of kindness have been proven to be contagious out to 3 degrees (that’s your friends’ freinds’ friend)! Finding opportunities to serve has never been EASIER or more REWARDING! 

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Spread your contagious light for the world to see. We’re not here to brag, but doing good encourages and inspires others to do the same. Besides, grabbing a fun pic or taking a goofy video just adds to the moment, keeping things real while also creating lasting memories.


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Did we mention service is rewarding? Well in addition to growing hearts, creating lasting connections, and the sense of fulfillment from seeing your good deeds spread the globe, you also get to earn cool stuff! We host challenges, have characters that level up, award prizes and even allow you to turn in your virtual coin for IRL goods.

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Collect Badges

Yeah, we’ve got those. Challenge yourself, see if you’ve got what it takes to hit the next level.

Get the app

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Serve the 

There are so many good causes out there. We make it easy to find one you’re interested in or even start your own and grow it. We give you the tools you need to drive impact and make a difference.

The cool thing is, your community can be local or thousands of miles away. What community do you call home, what inspires you and what have you been anxious to do to create real, lasting change? Servidemic is where you belong.

What People Are Saying

We’re here to make a difference in the world we live in through connecting those with needs and those with skills. Here what a few have said about the servidemic experience.

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Sally P  |  Philadelphia, PA

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an Impact

Servidemic comes from latin roots meaning to serve the people. We help you see the impact you’re having in real time!

When you serve someone, they’re more likely to serve another, who will serve another, and then one more will do the same. Your actions are truly contagious, how many others can you infect?


People helped


Lives changed

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