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Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark

QuickBooks Point of Sale 9 Cracked: The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding It

We spent a lot of time and money on Rain POS. It was the first online computer software company we ever used for point of sale. I spent an entire year in 2017 logging our entire inventory, coming up with pricing and pictures and history on every item. We went live in 2018 and by April 2019 we were done with the contract side and we closed out the point of sale side by the end of that year. Their inconsistences within the contract module were too high. And every time we called in to tech support, all they could tell us what that there was a "glitch" in the system and they couldn't fix it within a timely manner. I really felt like I was losing the trust of my customers because of Rain's mistakes.

quickbooks point of sale 9 cracked

Comentarios:Overall we have been extremely pleased with our choice to switch to Rain in 2018 for our point of sale and website. The product is incredibly user friendly, can be used on any device (not tied to a license on one desktop machine like other systems) and support is great.One area other shops have asked us about is QuickBooks exports. We don't use that much, but other stores seem to be very reliant on those exports, which they say are lacking in Rain. Again, not a direct complaint from me, but one that I hear about on industry forums & from direct messages. We were a somewhat early adapter of Rain in our industry and are relatively connected in our industry & repair organization, so we seem to field a lot of inquiries about the program. We have recommended the product to quite a few other shops and want to make sure that it fits their accounting needs as well.

We've had a great experience thus far using the Rain point of sale program. The initial training was extremely in depth and helped us grasp all of the features before implementation. We love the product integration with and the fact that our inventory remains cohesive across online and in-store platforms. Online & phone support is quick & helpful. Rain has also been very helpful designing and updating our website, which is tied into the point of sale. They are constantly improving, updating and listening to customer suggestions to make their product even better.


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