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Tumblebugs 2 (Full)

Evil-doerFull NameUnknownAliasBlack Bug KingOriginTumblebugsOccupationTyrantPowers / SkillsAuthorityHobbyRuling over his subjectsGoalsKidnap all tumblebugs to use them as slaves (failed).CrimesSlaveryKidnapping

Tumblebugs 2 (Full)

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Black Bug King commands his black bug minions to kidnap all tumblebugs in order to use them as slaves to spread the black bug empire. There is a hero, Tumble, who will save the tumblebugs from being kidnapped. Tumble saved all tumblebugs in every level, much to the monarch's chargin. In Tumblebugs 2, Tumble is able to face Black Bug King, but he escapes by riding a rocker ship to the moon. Tumble chased him.

I suppose this is the standard fare for the bubble popper type games, but I have never liked one better than tumblebugs 2. It is so well done, a cute loose story line about the evil bug king and funny sayings scattered throughout. Levels get really tough the last third of the game, especially on expert. I have replayed it several times and it never gets easier, the challenge is always there. 041b061a72


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