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Fallout 4 Power Fist Mods |WORK|

The power fist is a mechanical glove mounted with a hydraulic piston powered ram. When punching, the pistons push the ram forward, smashing into the enemy. Sometimes, enough power is transferred to the target to knock them down. This variant has identical stats to the standard model in the base game, but accepts weapon mods.

Fallout 4 Power Fist Mods

A more bare-bones design than other iterations, the power fists found in the Commonwealth were originally used as pre-War hardware for demolition crews rather than as weapons.[Non-game 1] However, like the previous designs, the power fist also uses a pneumatic battering ram to deliver powerful, medium-speed punches to attackers, releasing a puff of steam and sparks with each punch. Its power attack is a heavy underhanded thrust.

Or perhaps a deeper affectation? Perhaps a giant bear paw, with claws like knives. Perhaps a petrified fist of granite. Maybe someone even grafted the devil's own unholy mitt onto your forearm to replace a lost hand - a literal Red Right Hand, maybe. A lot harder to hide without shapeshifting, and perhaps even despite shapeshifting, but hey, it probably represents the character's inner rage or something. The advent of high technology gives even more options. Going back to the gauntlet, you can add powerful servos to give you a crushing grip, field emitters or energy projectors for added offensive or defensive power. Or maybe you can just launch the whole thing at 'em. If you have a mechanical arm, these features may be built into it.

If you complete the op in 8 minutes, you will get the Elder reward tier, which is generally what you should shoot for, as it will also reward the other two tiers on top of it. The result would be getting a ton of items and would also be your best chances of getting The Face Breaker plans. That said, keep farming these daily ops and you should eventually get the plans for the powerfist.


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