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Chick Amsterdam Nr1 (1970)

Hill later recalled that during this period Slade "played the difficult gigs, the gigs where people have chicken in a basket and then go on the dancefloor" but noted that they "had an armour of fantastic songs so nobody was going to argue with [them]."[53]

Chick Amsterdam Nr1 (1970)

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Schick, Hartmut (2007):"Wahre kirchliche Atmosphäre" und avancierte Kompositionstechnik. Bemerkungen zu Dvoráks Requiem op. 89. In: Gabrielová, Jarmila (ed.) : (2007): The Work of Antonín Dvorák (1841-1904) : Aspects of Composition - Problems of Editing - Reception ; proceedings of the International Musicological Conference Prague, September 8 - 11, 2004. Prague: Inst. of Ethnology. pp. 82-95 [PDF, 2MB] 041b061a72


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