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[S6E5] Black And Blue ((BETTER))

Kim is smoking on the patio of her apartment when Jimmy returns home, still tending to himself with the ice pack. Inside, while Jimmy is applying makeup to cover his black eye, Kim shows him a profile about Rand Casimiro in a law magazine. Jimmy admonishes himself for not turning down Howard's challenge to fight, saying that he "let him suck me into his game." Kim replies that Jimmy had his reasons for doing so: "You know what's coming next."

[S6E5] Black and Blue


Back at home while nursing a black eye, Jimmy laments to Kim about his decision to get into the ring with Howard but she believes it was effectively the only way he let his rival get a few shots in before the real knockout punch comes back at him. Judging by their demeanor, Kim and Jimmy absolutely planned on Howard finding out about the scheme to paint him as a drug and sex addict but the next truly damaging phase is coming soon.

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As for the outfits, the evening wear is stunning. Edith has some great evening wear looks, that coat! I love her aqua and gold combos. The black beaded outfit Mary has on is gorgeous and I love her hair accessory. Edith has been wearing some great hair accessories as well.

Here is my speculation:Arya comes back to Westeros, saves Jon from the power hungry wanna-be-queen Mini-Catelyn Jon-hating bitch-sister and they both execute her southron ass in front of the heart tree in Winterfell before they eat her treacherous heart and make love over her dead body making lovely black haired children with long faces that will rule the North for all eternity. 041b061a72


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