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Auto Repair And Maintenance !!BETTER!!

Most automotive service technicians and mechanics work in well-ventilated and well-lit repair shops. Although technicians often identify and fix automotive problems with computers, they commonly work with greasy parts and tools, sometimes in uncomfortable positions.

Auto Repair and Maintenance

Despite limited employment growth, about 73,300 openings for automotive service technicians and mechanics are projected each year, on average, over the decade. Most of those openings are expected to result from the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or exit the labor force, such as to retire.

Automotive air-conditioning technicians install and repair air-conditioners and parts, such as compressors, condensers, and controls. These workers must be trained and certified in handling refrigerants.

Service technicians stand for most of the day, and they typically work in well-ventilated and well-lit repair shops. Although technicians often identify and fix automotive problems with computers, they commonly work with greasy parts and tools, sometimes in uncomfortable positions.

High school courses in automotive repair, electronics, computers, and mathematics provide a good background for prospective service technicians. However, high school graduates typically need further training to become fully qualified.

Completing a vocational or other postsecondary education program in automotive service technology is considered the best preparation for entry-level positions. Programs usually last 6 months to a year and provide intensive career preparation through classroom instruction and hands-on practice. Short-term certificate programs in a particular subject, such as brake maintenance or engine performance, are also available.

ASE certification is available in nine different automobile specialty areas: automatic transmission/transaxle, brakes, light vehicle diesel engines, electrical/electronic systems, engine performance, engine repair, heating and air-conditioning, manual drive train and axles, and suspension and steering.

Detail oriented. Service technicians must be aware of small details when inspecting or repairing vehicle systems, because mechanical and electronic malfunctions are often due to misalignments or other easy-to-miss causes.

Mechanical skills. Service technicians must be familiar with engine components and systems and know how they interact with each other. They often must take apart major parts for repairs and be able to put them back together properly.

The median annual wage for automotive service technicians and mechanics was $46,880 in May 2021. The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $29,010, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $75,100.

The number of vehicles already in use is expected to continue to rise, and some service technicians will be needed to perform basic maintenance and repair tasks, such as replacing brake pads and changing oil. Increasingly, however, new vehicles are being built with interconnected sensors, cameras, and instruments that allow for predictive maintenance and remote diagnosis, thus reducing maintenance workhours.

Additionally, the increasing prevalence of electric vehicles in the marketplace may limit future demand for automotive service technicians and mechanics, because these vehicles require less maintenance and repair.

For more details about work opportunities, contact local automobile dealers and repair shops or local offices of the state employment service. The state employment service also may have information about training programs.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics, at -maintenance-and-repair/automotive-service-technicians-and-mechanics.htm (visited March 29, 2023).

Routine engine oil maintenance from Firestone Complete Auto Care is one of the best ways to stay on top of your vehicle's health. Every oil change includes a 19-point inspection, an oil filter change, responsible oil recycling, and topping of the windshield wiper fluid! Plus, we only carry the best motor oil brands in the business, including Pennzoil, Quaker State, and Shell Rotella. Check your vehicle's oil change maintenance schedule, and head to a Firestone Complete Auto Care near you for a quality oil change today!

Stay cool with an A/C performance check, repair, or recharge at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care. Get quality A/C and heating services from our A/C experts to make sure that you stay comfortable in your vehicle's cabin no matter what the temperature is outside. Get your vehicle's air conditioning and heating serviced at the first sign of trouble to save yourself time and money down the road.

With hundreds of intricate and interdependent parts, the transmission is your vehicle's most complex component. The transmission can also be expensive to fix if not properly maintained. Keep up with your transmission maintenance, and your car can naturallyrun newer, longer! Auto transmission maintenance services include transmission fluid exchanges, diagnosis of transmission slipping, transmission repair, and more.

Your car's cooling system, including its radiator, work together to regulate engine temperature. When there's trouble with either, there's bound to be trouble under the hood. Proper radiator maintenance is essential to keeping your vehicle running like it should. And at Firestone Complete Auto Care, we offer more than just a "drain-and-fill" radiator service. The radiator is one of the major components of the cooling system. Our experts can diagnose cooling system issues, make repairs, and perform cooling system fluid exchanges.

Your vehicle's drivetrain may run practically the entire length of the vehicle and is responsible for transferring the energy from the engine to the wheels. So, when something is off with your drivetrain, you may find it difficult to drive! Stay ahead of major drivetrain problems by scheduling adrivetrain inspection, maintenance and repair appointment for services, including changing the differential fluid, clutch replacement, driveshaft replacement, and replacing CV axles.

We promise that the services we perform will be fixed right the first time. If the automotive repair or service was performed improperly, then we will re-perform the service at no additional charge to you during the established warranty period.

**Valid at any company-owned Firestone Complete Auto Care store. Discount good on automotive service or tires. The subsequent second visit must occur within one year of original service. The discount cannot be used to reduce the outstanding debt or be redeemed for cash.

When it comes to your Buick, our Buick Certified Service experts know it inside and out. From oil changes to replacing tires and repairs with OE parts, Buick certified technicians will help maintain your vehicle and look after its overall performance the way only they know how.

Our mission at Integrity Automotive is to make getting your vehicle serviced a more pleasant and less confusing experience. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality professional repairs and service at a fair price. We recognize your need for exceptional customer service, and we back up our commitment with the best warranties in the industry. We are so confident in the quality of the parts we use and the skills of our career technicians that we stand behind our repairs forever, as long as you own your vehicle.

First appearing in the early 1900s,[2] many filling stations offered vehicle repair services as part of their full service operation. This once popular trend has declined significantly over the years as many locations found it more profitable to exchange vehicle service bays for grocery isles, which ultimately lead to the emergence of the quick oil change industry.[1][3]

Commonly referred to as a quick lube or express service shop, this type of facility specializes in preventive maintenance and safety inspections rather than repairs. Product sales are typically limited to automotive fluids, belts and hoses.[1] With a focus on basic procedures, labor is often performed by entry-level technicians which simplifies the business overhead resulting in a less expensive service as compared to a traditional automotive workshop.[4]

In the United States, new car dealerships have service departments that are certified by their respective OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to perform warranty and recall repairs. Customer-pay repairs can also be completed, however most service departments tend to only work on the vehicle brand of which they are a dealer. Dealership technicians must complete additional training provided by the OEM, and in doing so become specialized and certified for that particular vehicle make.[1]

Independent repair shops are businesses that are independently owned and operated. These may also include regional or national chains and franchises. It is rather common for a dealership technician to start this type of competing business after leaving the employment of a new car dealership.[1] Independent automobile repair shops in the US may also achieve OEM certification through manufacturer sponsored programs.[5]

A shop that is dedicated to repairing and maintaining a particular group of vehicles is called a fleet shop. Common examples of a fleet include taxi cabs, police cars, mail trucks and rental vehicles. Similar to a lubrication/safety shop, a fleet shop focuses primarily on preventative maintenance and safety inspections, and will often outsource larger or more complex repairs to another repair facility.[1] 041b061a72


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