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The Clay Madsen Recreation Center is a 55,000-square foot comprehensive recreation facility. Constructed in 2000, the facility is designed to provide all-inclusive recreational opportunities with a variety of features to meet the needs of The City of Round Rock community and surrounding communities. The Clay Madsen Recreation Center was named after an inspiring young man who fought a courageous battle against cancer. CMRC strives to be a safe place where children, adults and families have a safe and fun place to play, learn, develop and recreate while learning the leadership and sportsmanship qualities that Clay Madsen upheld throughout his life.

square to round development software free 16

Spring is here! Spring on over and enjoy a dance for individuals with special needs. Spring time fun dancing, buzz around and socialize with friends, enjoy snacks and make fun memories! Chaperone/caregivers allowed free admission.

AeroFarms builds and operates vertical indoor farms to enable local production at scale and increase the availability of safe and nutritious food. The company uses aeroponics to grow leafy greens without sun or soil in a fully controlled environment. The technology enables year-round production while, they say, using 95 percent less water than field farming, resulting in yields 400 times higher per square foot annually. Since its foundation in 2004, AeroFarms aims to disrupt conventional food supply chains by building farms along major distribution routes and in urban areas. The company also won multiple awards, including the 2018 Global SDG Award, for its environmentally responsible practices and leadership in agriculture.

Bowery Farming, an indoor farming start-up, uses software and robotics to grow produce inside warehouses in and around cities. By controlling every aspect of the growing process, the start-up is able to produce leafy greens and herbs using a minimal amount of water and energy per square foot. The technology also makes it possible to grow customized products for chefs and restaurants, such as softer kale and more peppery arugula. Since its establishment in 2017, Bowery Farming is expanding operations beyond its New Jersey warehouse to build vertical farms in other cities and, ultimately, bring efficient food production closer to consumers.


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