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Dance Schoolv029 3d Loli Flash 24 [UPD]

Epic music that makes me want to believe the story is still better than the plot. The dance and choreography is overall pretty good, except that the main female character gets hurt seemingly as frequently as a character in a battle anime. The random fast motion of the battle sequences are lazy and slapstick. The main antagonist is completely ridiculous even compared to standard anime protagonists. And the drama is dull to the point of being painful. No one has to be this predictable and to over the top for nothing. At least characterisation is pretty decent, the main lead delivers essentially nothing except rare flashes of character development and willpower. The head antagonist is barely there, until he gets the point over halfway through. They go through an ending battle that is anticlimactic. The end was so dumb and anticlimactic, it was obviously telegraphed. An epilogue was forced onto the end. The end was so stupid. The main female lead has absolutely no characterisation at all, other than being a rather likeable protagonist, despite being a two-dimensional character. The plot holes are enough that my gamepad camera ends up being the best measuring stick.

Dance Schoolv029 3d Loli Flash 24

For the life of me I cant understand why Yamazaki was ever in this movie as a dancer. She is utterly and completely terrible. Lines are done waaaaaaaaaay too big, the stage is too big. Its wide enough that it should be three stages merged together. Mecha dancing is never really a good idea, it's a horrible look. Cameraman really needs to look at more movies that do period stories, the camera is just wildly impractical. People become enamoured of their dancing, always wanting to have the best, and in reality only a few people are allowed to be in the elite.


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