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[S8E3] Home [TOP]

Jackie has filled her 4,000 square foot San Francisco hillside home with $1 million of teddy bears. Will she clean up the ocean of bears or lose her house? Richard previously agreed to his family's pleas for an emergency cleanup of his home during Hoarders Live. Will Richard take this chance to change his life?

[S8E3] Home

After her husband saved a scratcher worth $1 million from going in the trash, a woman calls on David Bromstad to help them find a home in Cleveland, Ohio, with space to entertain her entire family during the holidays.

This week is all about Paul, which also means it's all about his patented "Hollywood Handshake," which explains the opening. It also explains why this week is the first where the lack of going home and practicing in one's kitchen all week starts to come to the fore for these bakers. It's one thing for the first couple of showstoppers to be a little on the Nailed It! side, especially since this is the first time they've been quarantined in a "Baking Village" and the BakeOff Bubble takes some getting used to. But the pressure this week will take the air out of some rising.

If this isn't proof Rowan should have gone home last week, I don't know what is. Since everyone should assume the series will not keep him again after this, it's a bit of a toss-up on who's doing well. Hermine got the Handshake but failed hard on the Technical. Linda got first in the Technical but failed in the Signature. Both Marc and Mark got high marks, and which Mar(c)k wins will come down to the Showstopper.

Paul feels the best showstoppers come down to Sura and Marc. In the end, Marc placing ahead in the Technical gives him the edge, and he gets Star Baker. As for who's going home, Paul pretends Peter or Dave might be going, but that's all nonsense. Goodbye Rowan.

Then, things went from bad to worse. Theon Greyjoy invaded Winterfell (his former home) and brutally killed Maester Luwin. (He also beheaded Rodrik Cassel and pretended to kill Bran and Rickon Stark after they managed to escape.) In the end, Theon got what was coming to him (and more) before redeeming himself in Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3.

Bachelor in Paradise is as chaotic as ever, and Episode 3 featured the first rose ceremony of the season. Several contestants went home, a number of newbies (and some Paradise alum) arrived at the beach, relationships were tested, and surprising new connections were formed.

Park comes back and says that the patient must be nuts for giving away all his money, but Adams thinks he's just generous. Foreman comes in and asks what House's evil plan is. Foreman thinks he's angling for a donation. He tells him to get used to his new reality and the noise from the orthopedic area next door. However, House has finally gotten in touch with Chase and Taub - they're willing to return. Foreman asks about Thirteen, but House dismisses the suggestion on the grounds that any return would be short term. Foreman guesses that the actual reason is that Thirteen hasn't returned his calls and tells him to discharge Benjamin. House argues that it's a bad idea to discharge someone who suffered an unexplained lapse in consciousness. Foreman notes Benjamin got better on fluids, now feels fine, and all the other tests were fine as well. He orders Benjamin discharged. However, Park argues that his extreme altruism is a symptom. Foreman tells House he can either send Benjamin home or, if he thinks altruism is a symptom, he can't ethically take his money. House orders Benjamin discharged and tells his team to check admitting for the net worth of all new patients.

Philanthropist Benjamin Byrd (Wentworth Miller) collapses outside of a training center for the homeless where he's made an incognito visit. When brought into Princeton Plainsboro, he offers a large payment to the hospital so that House will be able to reassemble his diagnostics team. Wilson is also placed in an ethical bind because Byrd offers a kidney to one of Wilson's needy patients. The team tries to determine whether Byrd's generosity is a symptom of mental instability, something confirmed when he offers his other kidney to Thirteen and says he's willing to live on dialysis.

HBO is the exclusive home of Game of Thrones so watching the show requires an HBO subscription of some sort. HBO Go and HBO Now are two of the most direct options users have to watch the show live. HBO Now is free for the first seven days, but after that free trial is up, users will be on the hook for $14.99 a month. The app is available on most devices though so once users pay up, they have access to the show live on their Roku, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV and more.

Peter soon discovers he no longer has to fight with Lois for the bathroom for his bowel movements, he can just go next door at Clevelands's old home! Well, that is until Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase (guest starring as themselves) move in next door. Peter invites them over for dinner and tries to prove to them he's funny, but when they don't agree, he goes to Joe and Quagmire, who agree that he's funny. In fact, the guys decide to start a improv group known as Room for Improv-ment. The guys try to put on a show and Peter keeps relying on his [blank] at Thanksgiving bit and they end up giving up.

In the main heat, the bakers had to make a pie with a visual message. From harvest to home, the messages tried to capture the season. Like many challenges that involve a written message, some sentiments are clearer than others.

Looking at the main heat, the divide between the top and bottom bakers was clear. Although the competition is early, the judges have easier decisions in these early rounds. When there are obvious mistakes, it is clear which baker is being sent home.

Still, it was rather clear which baker would be sent home even before the judges shared their feedback. Jennifer had issues with her pie crust the moment that it came out of the oven. As pieces of the crust stuck to the parchment paper, there was no saving this pie. 041b061a72


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