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[S3E23] Ladybug

Tags: yunyinart commission miraculous ladybug adrinette fanart of fanfic a ring for a lady musica adrien agreste marinette dupain cheng plagg this takes place in season 3 so no worries about spoilers speaking of spoilers though I will probably be scarce on socials till the english dub is caught up with the rest so I may not see DMs I'll see asks though!

[S3E23] Ladybug

Tags: yunyinart miraculous ladybug mr pigeon xavier ramier 6 character fanart squit This is the first time I've ever drawn Mr Pigeon (at least to this extent) his design is super fun and extreme and it just felt so fun to have Squit's colors work perfectly with what I'd picked for Mr Pigeon then again of course they would A lot of the design for ML is very clever imo I'm still working on Astrocat btw I wanted to try something a bit different than the sketch I showed 041b061a72


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