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Introduction To Meetpoint Faceting Pdf Free

We suggest beginning faceters purchase Introduction To Meetpoint Faceting. First published in 1985, this classic faceting text belongs in the library of every faceter and will be especially appreciated by novice faceters and faceting students. The purpose of Introduction To Meetpoint Faceting is to introduce the faceting terminology and techniques peculiar to the meetpoint method of faceting.

Introduction To Meetpoint Faceting Pdf Free

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Meetpoint faceting is a system of cutting the non-round facet designs without using preformers to generate an exact preformed outline as a starting point. Because each set of facets is cut to a meetpoint or target formed by cutting a previous set of facets, the meetpoint cutting can be done very accurately. The experience and understanding gained cutting the designs in this book can change you from a beginning cutter with lots of fears of the unknown, to a confident intermediate cutter.

Introduction To Meetpoint Faceting presents five designs in well illustrated, step-by-step sequences as a vehicle for introducing the faceter to the meetpoint technique and advancing their faceting skills. The "Round Brilliant" emphasizes the importance of cutting sequence. The "Lazy Oval" introduces the requirement for using 1/10th degree angle settings. The "Commercial Marquise" addresses the problems associated with a long narrow shape, along with the special need for absolute accuracy in realigning the stone to the previously established indexing after transfer. The "Superpear 96" design demonstrates off-center dopping and the large number of different steps required due to having only one axis of symmetry. The "Ember" design introduces the Centerpoint Angle Method (CAM) preform and the indefinite cutting depth of the first step of an "outside-to-inside" cutting sequence.


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