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Bondi Rescue : Season 6 Episode 5

Footage for the show is shot during the preceding Australian summer (usually between December and February), with certain episodes reflecting incidents that have occurred during Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Australia Day. Noteworthy incidents at nearby Tamarama and Bronte Beaches, which the lifeguards are also responsible for, are occasionally shown. Later seasons also featured footage of lifeguard trials and training exercises from the middle of the year. The training in the middle of the year is a trial to test the fitness, strength and ability of the lifeguards. It consists of an 800-metre swim in under thirteen-and-a-half minutes in a swimming pool, a 600-metre swim surf and two 600-metre runs and on the sand, a 600-metre board paddle, then a set of demanding rescues at Bondi which should be completed in under 25 minutes. It is also a test for trainee lifeguards to show they are able and committed to the role of a lifeguard. If the competitors do not complete the tasks in the time limit, they are eliminated and do not advance to the next test.

Bondi Rescue : Season 6 Episode 5

There are so many exciting episodes of Bondi Rescue, that place you in the center of life-saving rescues, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "Season 1 - Episode 4" the best, or is "Season 16 - Episode 1" your favorite episode of Bondi Rescue? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Bondi Rescue are, let's rank every Bondi Rescue episode from best to worst.

Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia's busiest beach - 365 days a year. With helicopter footage and behind the scenes access, get side-by-side the lifeguards as they put themselves in danger to help save others.The head lifeguard expects his team to give it everything they've got. But with a maximum eight lifeguards on duty at any one time, and over 40,000 beachgoers on a summer's day, the question arises 'is everything they've got enough'? Performing around 2,500 rescues each season and with crowds exceeding 2.5 million people per year, the team certainly has their work cut out for them. The tight knit group work and play together, keeping each other in check and their feet planted firmly on the ground. Experience the action through the eyes of lifeguards as they deal with everything from shark scares to mass rescues, resuscitations, lost children and thieves.Bondi Rescue celebrates the unsung heroes of Australia's best asset - the beach.

Bondi Rescue (AU, Network Ten) aired on 2006 and belongs to the following categories: Drama, Reality. The IMDB rating is 8,2 (updated 03-28-2023). Network Ten aired 14 seasons and 150 episodes for now. 041b061a72


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